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Anastacia Onyinyechi AZUMA “I have a dream” were the words of Martin Luther King, and these words in later years happened to become the reality of the American society. Just as every individual has a dream, every nation has a dream as well. Dreams are supposed to make life better for a country and the various sectors within her; however, how often are those dreams being achieved?  At one point or the other, we may have heard the phrase “the American Dream”; but is that a thing? Is it something… Read more THE NIGERIAN DREAM


We are happy beyond measures to remind you that our amazing project will be launched on Saturday 1st August, 2020. In 9 days, a project we have spent the last few months preparing for will be launched.


Be yourself- Everyone of us has heard this statement at one time or the other and it has proven to be one of the most heard motivational quotes. However, its usage is inversely proportional to its application. As days pass by, people have neglected naturalness and decided to have themselves moulded in someone else’s image. Nevertheless, it isn’t entirely the fault of the impersonator because the world sometimes forces you to do what it does. It pushes you, it urges you and it bullies you. It uses the most effective… Read more YOU CAN BE ”YOU”


The Urban Dream is a narrative poem written as a fictional modification to Timi Dakolo’s crooner, “Wish me well”. Damilola Onadeko surely deserves kudos for this poem.