1. Talkamonline is run by a dedicated team of writers, editors, copywriters and digital marketers.

The Talkamonline team family comprises of dedicated professionals who are always ready to tell your stories differently.

2. Talkamonline is a home for freelancers

Are you a freelancer or ghostwriter? If yes, send a copy of your article to the editor. If it passes our scrutiny, we are more than ready to talk-am-online with you. You may also contact us for editing, electronic/online publishing, training and copywriting services at affordable cost. Do you know that when you refer someone to us for any of the aforementioned services, you are entitled to 20% of the service fee?

3. Talkamonline is more than a blog

We have an unrelenting love for entrepreneurship and we shall be collaborating with some of our partners to create awareness and to support entrepreneurs. If you want to showcase your business on Talkamonline, contact the admin for registration. Registration begns on August 31.

4. Follow us everywhere we go

To get updates on our services, follow our website and subscribe for email notifications. Also, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and like our Facebook page.


One more thing. Let’s take you on a tour!

Do you wonder who founded Talkamonline? My guess is as right as yours. Let me take you to the Founder’s Desk.


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