Be yourself- Everyone of us has heard this statement at one time or the other and it has proven to be one of the most heard motivational quotes. However, its usage is inversely proportional to its application.

As days pass by, people have neglected naturalness and decided to have themselves moulded in someone else’s image. Nevertheless, it isn’t entirely the fault of the impersonator because the world sometimes forces you to do what it does. It pushes you, it urges you and it bullies you. It uses the most effective method depending on the kind of tune you dance to. It sets the limits, it decides the duration of the race and it judges you. In a sense, it makes you the convicted one while it elegantly parades itself both as your prosecutor and judge.

You’re too unique to be forced. You’re too brilliant to be played like a tennis. You have a restrictive freedom that gives you the right to choose right over wrong, the right to choose what to do but not the right to choose what is wrong or bad. It is true that you aren’t created to be independent but it is also true that you aren’t created to be judged by a fellow man.

I’ve seen people that are very good at what they do, people who are unique and worthy of emulation yet the world tries to undermine their success by setting unreasonable standards, making unnecessary comparisons and trying to unbalance them.

If you’re a good artist, they say you didn’t paint Mona Lisa

If you’re a good vocalist, they say you’ve never attempted to rap

If you’re a first class graduate, they say you didn’t gain admission at 16

If you’re a footballer with 6 Balloon d’ors, they say you haven’t won a World cup

If you’re gentle, they say you are boring

If you’re lively, they say you’re too restless

If you’re hospitable, they accuse you of not being prudent

If you’re prudent, they say you are a miser

If you are humble, they take you for granted

If you trust your ability, they say you’re proud.

They just want to steal your joy…

Be yourself and take people’s opinion, evaluation and deduction with a pinch of salt.

No one deserves to determine if you’re fulfilled or not
No one deserves to decide if you’re successful or not

Cheer yourself up yet be your biggest critic.

You can really be “you”!


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